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Pre-School and Child Care

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Welcome to The Honey Tree.

Statement of Philosophy

It is our belief that the early childhood years are especially important in establishing and fostering cognitive, social and emotional growth. When a child enters school it is important that their first experiences be positive. This will help to develop positive self-images, confidence, and a love of learning. We strive to combine the best possible equipment and staff to provide your child with an outstanding program.

At The Honey Tree we are committed to a standard of excellence in the care and education of young children. It is our philosophy that ALL children learn at an individual pace with an individual learning style. Learning should be a pleasant and happy experience for all children. They should be allowed the freedom to be creative, express themselves, and to learn to make their own choices within a safe environment. At The Honey Tree we expose the children to a wide variety of developmentally appropriate stimuli to allow them to explore our quality learning environment. We offer a variety of experiences in art, music, creative movement, science, gross motor, sand, water, dramatic play and circle time.
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